Pedestrian bridge “Atyrau” in Astana

In Astana, the new Atyrau Kopiri pedestrian bridge over the Yesil River was tested for strength, correspondent reports. On the bridge conducted static and dynamic tests. 12 ten-ton trucks were driven out of his canvas. This event, as noted in the BI Group, was the final stage of quality control of construction and installation works before its assessment by the final acceptance commission.

The bridge should provide communication between pedestrian flows and the bicycle network of the park area and the embankment of the right bank of the Esil River. The outer shell consists of triangular-shaped aluminum cassette panels, which provide protection against atmospheric precipitation and safety. In the central part of the annular gathering is meant the location of public space, made in the form of a tent-canopy of rhomboid figures. The design of "Atyrau kөpіrі" is a reference to the world architecture trends, it looks modern and fresh and creates a bizarre play of light and shadow inside the pedestrian zone.

"If you look at the bridge from above, the shell resembles the shape of a fish, it is a symbol of the Atyrau region. There is no such bridge in Kazakhstan, it is a very generous gift," said Serik Tulebaev, director of the infrastructure group of BI Group, to journalists. According to him, high mobilization, competent work with contracting organizations allowed to build a bridge in 4.5 months. "We followed the technology, took into account weather conditions, high-quality metal," he said.
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