Dear customer!

Our company has been active in the construction services market in Kazakhstan for more than 10 years.

Within this period, we built many iconic civil and industrial facilities, including the “Atyrau” Pedestrian Bridge across the Essil River in Astana, the Koktobe City Residential Complex in Almaty, overpasses in the Zhambyl region, the Integrated Gas Treatment Site in the West Kazakhstan region, "Triumphalnaya Arka" Residential Complex, "Park Avenue" Residential Complex, "Zelenyi Kvartal" Residential Complex, "Sarmat" Residential Complex, "Nomad" Residential Complex in Astana.

Over these years, we have repeatedly been evidenced that the company's success is the competence of the engineering and technical team, improving business processes and constantly optimizing operating costs. Today, only the flexible one survives in the market, the one who finds ways to reduce the costs of resources, and therefore does work faster, with more quality and efficiently. Our team is trained for managerial subjects and applied skills in areas where it strives for achieving the highest competence and actively sharing experience. This allows complying with the times and respond to the growing demands of the Customer. The Customer when choosing a contractor often does not pay attention to hidden additional costs, and as a result faces the repeated work and bears unplanned expenses. We try to protect the interests of our Customer and help both with advice and finding solutions to optimize the workflow. Every Customer is dear to us! We see ourselves as leaders in the construction industry in Kazakhstan and believe to enter the international construction market by 2020.