Residential construction

Residential complexes, cottage villages Construction of residential complexes is a service that allows implementing the customers’ ideas in life. Immersion in the project starts with understanding of the concept, capabilities/technical solutions/“handwriting” of the Designer, planning of construction and installation works (to plan flows on attracting money from housing equity holders), regular monitoring of the completed work and progress reports. We are not just the contractors, we are liable for the timing, quality and budget of the project. We try to discuss all difficult moments with the Customer as much as possible. Our experience in implementation of projects helps the customer to eliminate deficiencies in the nodes/project in advance, apply alternative solutions, build from the scratch (it is practiced when construction was carried out based on the ready-made sections of the project, while the remaining sections were under development).

To maintain the reputation, we offer prices for construction work. We purchase and supply capital- intensive materials and equipment to the Customer. We compile the detailed commercial offers per unit of work (the customers often hide the price column and send it to alternative contractors for a commercial offer). We have the experience correcting the shortcomings of previous contractors, taking over the abandoned/inactive works, working on credit with suppliers of materials. We have experience in construction on subsiding soils, areas of high seismicity.